Frequently Asked Questions


Who can play?

Every child of appropriate age shall be allowed to register and play

Can my child play if he/she has never played baseball/softball before?


How much does it cost?

Please click the registration banner on the Home page to view the most up to date fees per division.

How old does my child need to be to start playing?

Tball starts as early as 4 years old.

How is a player’s age determined for baseball?

A player’s age for a given season is their actual age on May 1st of the same year the season will be played.

How is a player’s age determined for softball?

A player’s age for a given season is their actual age on January 1st of the same year the season will be played.

What are the different age divisions within SPBO?










































When does the season begin?

The spring season generally begins in early-April.

When does the season end?

The spring season generally ends by late June.

How frequently do teams practice?

Practice frequency is determined by team managers and field availability. In general expect 1-2 practices per week leading up to opening day for older players (Rookie and up).  Once the season starts practices tend to be infrequent since most teams have multiple games per week.

How long are the games?

Each division has rules specific to game duration.  For younger ages games will typically be capped by a set # of innings or elapsed time (whichever comes first).  Please refer to applicable division rules.

When are games played?

Most teams will have games both during the week and on weekends.  Tball and Instructional usually play on weekends only.

Where are games played?

Most games are played on the fields located at Shedd Park. TBall and Instructional leagues will also use nearby Stratham Field.  Always consult the game schedule provided by your team manager for the field you will be playing on. A list of our fields can be found under ‘Locations’ menu at the top of this page.

What equipment do I need to purchase?

Players will need to provide their own baseball/softball glove.  It is also recommended that all players wear a protective cup (required for catchers). In most cases players will also need to provide their own baseball pants for game use.

What equipment does SPBO provide?

SPBO provides; helmets, bats, catcher’s equipment, game hats, game jerseys and game socks.

How do parents receive communication?

Parents receive most communication via email, text and/or the website.

Are there playoffs?

Yes. Playoff structure can vary by division.  Please refer to applicable division under ‘Rules’ menu at the top of this page.

Is there an all-star game?

Yes. Applicable to Rookie, Minor and Junior divisions only.

How are all-stars selected?

Rookie all-stars = all 8 year olds

Minor all-stars = all 10 year olds

Junior all-stars = all 12 year olds

Is there summer baseball?

Yes. Summer travel baseball is offered beginning at Rookie level (7-8 year old).  Open tryouts are typically held at the end of May/beginning of June (not applicable to 12 year olds). Tryout notifications are provided by team managers and via league-wide email.  There is an additional fee to play. Please contact the SPBO Commissioner, league president or your team manager for additional information.

Is there fall baseball?

Unfortunately lack of interest/numbers has prevented us from having fall baseball over the past few years. If you are interesting in bringing fall baseball back to Shedd Park please contact the SPBO Commissioner.

I have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ’s.  Who can I speak to?

You can contact a member of the Board of Directors.  Their contact information can be found using the ‘Contacts’ menu at the top of this page.

If you’re unsure who to contact please submit a general inquiry to the commissioner at


When are tryouts?

Tryouts are typically held late-March.  Dates and times for the upcoming season can be found on the home page.

What should I do if I cannot make scheduled tryouts?

If you cannot make a scheduled tryout please notify the SPBO Commissioner and appropriate league president.  All registered players will be placed on a team regardless of tryout attendance.  However, tryouts are conducted to ensure team assignments are done in a manner consistent with making all teams competitive.  Therefore we ask that all players attend if possible.

How are teams assigned?

Team managers select players to their teams via draft after tryouts are conducted. 

When will I find out what team my child is on?

Typically you will be contacted a day or two after tryouts.  In some instances it may be longer but usually never more than a week.  Specific information will be given prior to the start tryouts.

Are siblings assigned to the same team when playing within the same division?



How do I find out if a game is cancelled due to weather?

You will receive notification from your team’s manager regarding cancellations due to inclement weather.  You can also check the website.  Usually cancellations will be posted in real time on the home page.

What’s the rule regarding stopping of play due to thunder and lightning?

Prior to the start of a game the home team manager is responsible for cancelling a game due to weather.  Usually this is done collaboratively with the visiting team manager.

Once a game has started:

For games using a certified “patched” umpire: the umpire is responsible for stopping play.  Standard lightning protocol is to wait 30 minutes from the last visible cloud-to-ground lightning or clap of thunder. The 30 minute window resets for each subsequent lightning and/or thunder.

For games using a non-certified umpire: the umpire will stop play and meet with both managers.  They will collectively decide the best course of action while adhering to standard protocol.


What fields are used for practices and games?

A full list of fields and directions can be found on the website under ‘Locations’

Who owns Shedd Park?

Shedd Park is owned by the City of Lowell. SPBO obtains permits to use the fields on an annual basis.  The city is responsible for general property maintenance such as grass cutting, irrigation, etc.  SPBO is responsible for maintaining field condition (raking infield, replacing outfield divots, etc.) throughout the season.

What fields have restrooms available?

All field located at Shedd Park have access to portable toilets on both upper and lower tiers.  There are no toilets available at Stratham or Olivera fields.

What fields have concessions?

The concession stand is located adjacent to the lower (Cahill-Perrin) field.

Who can reserve fields for practice and/or make up games?

Only team managers can reserve a field.  Requests from all others will be denied.

How are fields reserved?

Team managers must submit their request for a field and/or cage to the SPBO Secretary

Can teams book as much field time as they want?

No. Each team is allowed to reserve one practice field and one cage per week during the recreational season (the baseball week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday).  Summer Travel teams may reserve 2 fields and 2 cages per week.  All reservations must comply with “field hog” or “48 hour” rules.

What is the “field hog” rule?

Fields and/or cages may only be reserved within 14 days of the desired date.

What is the “48 hour” rule?

If a field is not reserved within 48 hours of its time, any team manager can submit a request to reserve the field.  This includes teams that have already reached their weekly limit.



What are the rules regarding batting order and playing time in the field?

BATTING: Tball through Junior divisions put all players in the batting order.  Senior division has a minimum at bat requirement.

FIELDING: All players play in the field in Tball and Instructional.  Rookie through Senior divisions require players are in the field for a minimum amount of innings.

Each division is governed by its own set of rules.  For more detail please refer to applicable division rules on the website under ‘Rules’ .


What are the rules regarding who can pitch and how much?

General SPBO pitching rules are innings-based. Pitch counts are not required. However managers and coaches are strongly encouraged to keep pitch counts. Specific pitching rules can vary by division.  For more detail please refer to applicable division rules on the website under ‘Rules’.

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