Jamboree Rules

Jamboree Rules

(1) Each game is one inning long.

(2) A half inning is over when all the players on a team have batted one time. Three outs do not end an inning, only the last batter ends an inning. Baserunners will remain on base even after the third out is recorded. In the event that the last batter registers a hit, all baserunners will score until an out is recorded or the pitcher is in possession of the ball -on the mound. This will be ruled upon at the umpire’s discretion.

(3) The last batter in any inning cannot be walked. If the batter walks, one more batter will bat and so on. The purpose of this rule is so that the defensive team does not intentionally walk the last batter to end the game if it is leading.

(4) All players on the home team will bat, even if the home team is leading at the time (everyone will play, and bat, in every game)

(5) Different teams will have different numbers of players present. This means one team may have 11 players, and it's opponent may have 8. So be it, play the game.

(6) A pitcher may only be used in one game during the tourney, and may not pitch to more than 6 batters in the game, or half of the opposing team's batters, whichever is less.

(7) First tie-breaker: number of outs recorded by a team's defense

(8) Second tie-breaker: coin flip at home plate, with both teams present.

(9) All players present must bat and play at least 1/2 the inning in the field.

(10) All players and coaches present must remember to have fun at all times.


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