Minor Rules

Minor League Playing Rules (Amended and Updated: 2018)

The Shedd Park Baseball Organization Minor League adheres to the rules specified in the most recent edition of the official Babe Ruth / Cal Ripkin handbook with the following exceptions:

Batting Rules

  1. The batting order is comprised of all players on a team. We do not use a nine man batting order.
  2. No slashing is allowed at bat. (A slash is a fake bunt followed by a swing)
  3. No “waggling” of the bat is allowed in front of the catcher during the pitcher windup or pitch.
  4. For regular season games: Each player may bat only once per inning. In the event that a team bats around and its last batter comes to the plate, then the next out (if any) will be treated as the last out in the inning. This means that the inning may end with less than 3 outs. Note that if this happens, and the inning ends with less than 3 outs, any unscored outs are not charged to any pitcher.

Base Running Rules

  1. Players may not slide headfirst into any base. Players may dive (headfirst) back into a base they have passed, or if they are leading and need to get back to the base.
  2. Slide or Avoid: Any runner attempting to reach any base must avoid contact with any fielder in the area of the base or slide into the base. The runner will be called out as a penalty for failure to slide or avoid contact. If in the opinion of the umpire the runner intentionally and maliciously runs into a fielder, then the runner will be called out and ejected from the game.
  3. Base runners may not score by stolen base or on a passed ball; they may only score as a result of a batted ball or by being forced by a base on balls or hit by pitch.

Fielding Rules

  1. Playing time requirements:
  1. For a 6-inning game, each player must play at least 4 innings in the field.
  2. For a 5-inning game, each player must play at least 3 innings in the field.
  3. For a 4-inning game, each player must play at least 2 innings in the field.

Pitching Rules

  1. A manager or coach may make 2 trips to the mound per inning per pitcher, but must remove the pitcher on the third visit to an individual pitcher.
  2. There are no curve balls allowed.
  3. Pitch Count Rules (adopted 2018)
  • Pitching Rule Notes:
  1. Minor and Junior leagues will follow Cal Ripken pitch count rules beginning in 2018
  2. Adherence is mandatory. Games will not be considered official, and thus not recorded into team standings, until both teams provide player pitch counts. If it is determined that a team intentionally fails to record pitch counts in order to gain a competitive advantage in the standings, a forfeit will be imposed on the offending team.
  3. Team managers should verbally agree to pitch counts after each inning and sign-off on pitch counts at games end.
  4. An in-game pitch count sheet is available in the Documents/Coaching Resources section of the website or by clicking here. However, coaches can track pitches however they choose, e.g. clicker, app, etc.
  • Pitching Rules
  1. There is no limit to the number of innings a pitcher can pitch provided they adhere to stated rest requirements
  2. NOTE: no pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three (3) consecutive days/games regardless of pitch count.
  3. Rest requirements are calendar days
  4. A pitch is a ball delivered to the batter by a pitcher, even if it’s subsequently ruled a “no pitch” by the umpire.
  5. If a pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count limit while facing a batter, he/she may continue to pitch until the batter either reaches base safely or is put out.
  6. If a game is suspended by darkness, weather or other causes prior to becoming an official game, all pitches count toward pitcher eligibility. For example, a game is called due to lightning in the 2nd inning. Billy throws 46 pitches before the game is called. Billy is not eligible to pitch the following day due to the 1 day rest requirement.
  7. If, during a game, a pitcher is determined to be ineligible according to the rest requirements, that pitcher shall be removed immediately from pitching. Games in which an ineligible pitcher is used, the offending team shall receive a warning for the 1st incident. Subsequent offenses shall be reported to the SPBO Board for any penalty determination.
  8. The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after a warm-up pitch is delivered, but before that player has pitched a ball to a batter, shall not be considered a violation.  NOTE: if you notice an ineligible pitcher on the mound for the other team, please bring it to their attention. Innocent mistakes happen. The spirit of the rule is to protect player’s arms.
0 Days 1 Day 2 Days
9-10 75 1-40 41-65 66+
11-12 85 1-40 41-65 66+

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Adult Coaches are allowed to coach from the Coach’s boxes.
  2. Players may coach in the Coach’s boxes provided they wear a batters helmet.
  3. Concerning games between teams with differing number of players:
  1. A team having only 8 players must take an out in place of the missing ninth batter each time around the batting order.
  2. A team having 7 players or less forfeits the game.
  3. Using non-rostered players:
  1. In the interest of playing games and avoiding forfeits, non-rostered players may be used in regular season games to give an undermanned team enough players to play a game.  The opposing team is not required to give consent and "call ups" shall be from a lower (not equivalent) division, registered Shedd player.
  2. Teams should not make use of non-rostered players to gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Non-rostered players may not be used in playoff games.
  4. Non-rostered players may not play in a game if enough rostered players are available.
  5. Non-rostered players must play a corner outfield position and bat last.
  6. Any time that a non-rostered player is used, the league president must be notified (either before or after the game). League presidents will monitor the use of non-rostered players and take appropriate action if needed.
  1. The preceding rule and all of its sub-parts applies only to games in which both teams are Shedd Park teams
  1. Any Manager or Coach who is ejected from any game for any reason will be “suspended indefinitely” until such time as the Board of Directors addresses said ejection. The directors will meet as soon as is practical after the ejection.

All Star Game

  1. The Minor League All Star Teams will consist of all 10 year olds in the league.
  2. Pitchers may pitch a maximum of two innings and will not be charged with any innings pitched for the week.
  3. The game will be a 9-inning game.
  4. The manager of each team will be the Minor League Manager whose team leads each league (American/National). The remaining managers will make up the coaching staff for each team.

Post Season Play

  1. All teams will participate in post regular season play.
  2. Seeding will be determined by order of finish for the regular season totaled on the last available playing date prior to the first scheduled playoff game. All rainouts, ties, or other unfinished games must be cleared up by that day. In the event of identical records between teams, the following tie breaking rules will be in effect.
  3. Results in head to head games.
  4. Record in games against each team in order of finish.
  5. Lowest runs against.

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