Senior Rules

GLSBB League Playing Rules (Revised: March 31, 2017)

The Centralville, Shedd Park, PYO, Highlands, Tyngsboro, Dracut and Westford GLSBB League Teams adhere to the rules specified in the most recent edition of the official Babe Ruth handbook with the following exceptions:

Batting Rules

  1. All players must bat at least once per game.
  2. 14 & 15 year olds must use Drop 3 only - BBCOR
  3. 13 year olds can use Drop 5
  1. 13 year old can also use a Drop 3 – BBCOR
  2. Note: Post Season play with Pony, BDSL, Lou Tompkins generally require BBCOR
  1. A minimum of 10 Batters in the batting line up with one designated the EH (Extra Hitter) is allowed ONLY during playoffs (amended 2017) unless you only have 8 or 9 players.
  2. Teams are required to place all players in the batting line-up during the regular season ONLY (amended 2017).

Base Running Rules

  1. No Head first slides into home plate, slide to avoid (no collisions with the catcher)
  2. Diving hands first back into 1st, 2nd or 3rd base is allowed
  3. Sliding into 2nd, 3rd and home plate is the rule of thumb  
  4. Note: on a base were there’s a play if a player doesn’t slide into 2nd, 3rd or home plate the umpire will call the runner out as well as the batter. Pinch runners may not be used with a continuous batting order unless an injury occurs.
  5. Pinch runners may not be used with a continuous batting unless an injury occurs.

Fielding Rules

  1. All players must play at least two innings in the field per game.
    1. Six consecutive outs

Pitching Rules

  1. The pitching week runs from Saturday - Friday.  This is reflected by breaks in the game schedule.
  2. No pitcher is allowed to pitch more than 7 innings in one game.
  3. A pitcher can pitch up to 7 innings in a week.  Everyone is reminded to exercise common sense for the safety of the pitchers.  Innings pitched should be noted in your scorebook.
    1. Note: Keep track of pitchers innings pitched per game within Sports Manager Database…
  4. If a player is pitching for a High School - keep in touch with his coach for innings pitched that week.  Preference is with the High School.
  5. Umpires will issue one warning per game per pitcher for balks.  This does NOT pertain to Playoffs!!  Pitchers should know by then.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Metal cleats are allowed, but not mandatory.
  2. A complete game is 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.
    1. Note: If game is tied once darkness is called no makeup will take place if it’s an official game, game will end in a tie
  3. Free defensive substitution is allowed. 
    1. Note: But please adhere to the pitching rules
  4. Mercy Rule:  10 run Rule after 5 innings.
  5. 15 minutes after starting time, you must start the game (unless High School Team  is on the field)
  6. Concerning games between teams with differing number of players:
    1. A team having only 8 players must take an out in place of the missing ninth batter each time around the batting order.
    2. The opposing team will supply the third outfielder and that player will be the last player to make an out (non-pitcher or catcher) if that player comes up in the order the next inning the player who again made the last out (non-pitcher-catcher) will take his place.
    3. A team having 7 players or less forfeits the game. 7 players constitutes a forfeit for the team with 7 and shall be entered as a 1-0 win for the other team. However, the other team may give 1-2 players to the other team and complete a contest. Umpires will be notified of this and will treat it as a normal game.
  7. Using non-rostered players:
    1. In the interests of playing games and avoiding forfeits during the regular season, non-rostered players may be used in regular season games only to give an undermanned team enough players to play a game
    2. The opposing team is not required to give consent and teams should not make use of non-rostered players to gain a competitive advantage. 
      1. Note: Non-Rostered players may not be used in playoff games.
    3. Non-Rostered players may not play in a game if enough rostered players are available. 
    4. Non-Rostered players must be normal league players. Non-League players would negate our collective insurance binders.
    5. Non-rostered players must play a corner outfield position and bat last. 
    6. Our of common courtesy, please let the Manager/Coach of the other team know any time that a non-rostered player is used - When using a non-roster player you must notify the coach before the game. Failure to do this will result in a forfeit, even retroactively, if the game is completed.
      1. Note: The League Presidents must be notified after the game as League Presidents will monitor the use of non-rostered players and take appropriate action if needed.

7. Minimum playing time: 2 consecutive defensive innings and one at-bat is a minimum for s standard 7 inning game with a typical roster of 15 or less.  The only exception would be an official game shortened by weather/dark/mercy. Any player that loses innings and AB must be in the next game even if that game is an official game shortened by weather/dark/mercy. This will prevent back-to-back games with players being shirted innings and At Bats. Any team that violates this rule will result in one game suspension for the manager. Any subsequent offense will result in a forfeit of that game. The infraction is attached to each coach/manager in perpetuity. This rule is to keep in the spirit of this being a recreational league.

Administrative Rules

  1. Each Team will pay one umpire $45/ $55 per game (see below).  If there is only one umpire, they will split $75.00. ($60/$80 in 2016)
    1. For Shedd, Centralville, PYO and Highlands home games, Chris Harris will assign umpires
  1. $55 per umpire if 2 show up; $75 for umpire if only 1 shows up…
    1. For Tyngsboro home games Associated Umpire Director will assign umpires

iii) $45 per game is 2 umpires show up; $75 for ump if only 1 shows up

  1. Home team provides 3 balls
  2. The Home team is responsible to check the field and a decision made concerning rainouts “1.5 hours before game time” (sooner if at all possible based on your opponents travel time)J   
  3. The Home Manager/Coach team must contact the umpires/scheduler/League President(s) immediately. 
    1. Note: Failure to give the umpires sufficient notice will result in having to pay the umpires 1/2 of the regular fee. 
  4. The GLSBB League Presidents will settle any conflicts that arise.  Their decisions are final.
    1. The GLSBB League Presidents will vote on any disciplinary actions involving player(s) suspensions with a majority ruling being the deciding factor
  5. Contact the GLSBB League Scheduler to reschedule rained out games within 48 hours of postponed game
  6. There are many open dates noted on the schedule, which can be used for make-up games or practices; Make up games take priority.
    1. Please move forward with rescheduling a makeup game ASAP and advise the GLSBB scheduler of the date/time/field
    2. If the umpires from the rained out game cannot do the makeup game call the Jim Rico/Chris Harris Associated Umpire Director who will assign the umpires
  7. If 48 Hours goes by with no contact with the GLSBB League Scheduler, the GLSBB League Scheduler will reschedule the postponed game, note it within the database and reach out to all League Presidents to advise of the reschedule gameJ
  8. As far as Playoffs are concerned, we will meet again to discuss any difficulties concerning tie breakers (for example for seeding).  i.e. overall, head-to-head, own park vs. each other.

Note: Single elimination rounds until the final series which will be a best of three

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