SPBO Bylaws

Shedd Park Baseball Organization, Inc.


REVISED: March 18, 1986

The name of this organization shall be the Shedd Park Baseball Organization.

The purpose of this organization is to provide an organized mechanism for youngsters in the neighborhood of Shedd Park to learn the game of baseball and to develop a spirit of teamwork and fair play while maintaining the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship.

The Organization shall consist of leagues of teams based upon the ages and skills of the youngsters who register to play baseball. Every youngster of appropriate age shall be allowed to play. The number and types of leagues (e.g. T-Ball, Minor, Junior) and the number of teams in each league shall be determined by the number of players available. The distribution of players shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Section I Membership

  1. The membership of the Shedd Park Baseball Organization shall consist of a manager and up to three coaches from each team in each league, and members of the Board of Directors.
  2. Any person wishing to be a manager or a coach shall apply in writing to the Board of Directors who shall have the power to approve such application. Managers and Coaches shall be responsible for carrying out the duties listed in the appendix to these by-laws.
  3. Any member who finds it necessary to resign from the Organization shall do so in writing to the Board of Directors.
  4. Any person who is removed from membership under provisions of Article VII, Section 3 may appeal such removal to the entire membership within five days of his being notified by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 Duties of Members

  1. Members shall attend all meetings of the general membership called by the Board of Directors or by other means specified in these by-laws, unless they notify the Secretary of their inability to so attend prior to the meeting.
  2. Members shall elect the officers of the Organization.
  3. Members shall participate fully in the affairs of the Organization including fund-raising events, All Star games, etc.

Section 1 Quorum
A quorum consisting of one-third of the membership plus 1 member shall be required for all meetings of this Organization.

Section 2 Regular Meetings
Regular Meetings of the Organization shall be held when deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, provided that there shall be at least four meetings per year. The meetings shall be at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors. Notice of the Meeting shall be provided to each member by the Secretary, or by the President of each league at least five days in advance.

Section 3 Special Meetings
Special Meetings of the Organization may be called by the Commissioner, and shall be called by any officer upon written request of any five (5) members, at any time during the year. Notice of such meetings shall be provided to each member by the Secretary, or by the President of each league at least five (5) days in advance.

Section 4 Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting shall be held on a date in September to be designated by the Commissioner and shall be for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year, and any other business that may be necessary.

Section I Titles and Duties

  1. The officers of this organization shall consist of a Commissioner, a President for each league in the organization, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and an Equipment Manager.
  2. The Commissioner shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. He shall be responsible for running the organization and shall have the authority, along with the Treasurer to sign checks and to discharge any obligations of the organization.
  3. Each President for a league shall be responsible for the operation of that league with respect to the rules, schedule, and post-season play. He shall be responsible for notifying all managers and coaches in that league about meetings or other organization business and shall preside over all meetings of the league.
  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting and depositing all money belonging to the organization and for paying all bills approved by the Board of Directors. He shall keep a detailed account of all income and expenses and shall give a report at each meeting. The Treasurer shall also present a written report of all organization finances at the Annual Meeting.
  5. The Secretary shall keep a written account of each meeting of the organization and make it available to the members at the following meeting. He shall be responsible for notifying the Presidents of each league about Meetings and other organization business, and shall maintain an attendance log for each meeting. He shall be responsible for scheduling practice times, games and umpires for each league.
  6. The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for all equipment belonging to the Organization and shall keep a record of the equipment assigned to each team. He will only purchase new equipment with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 2 Line of Succession
In the event that the office of Commissioner is vacated for any reason, the President with the most seniority as a Member of the Organization shall take over the duties of the Commissioner; followed, if necessary, by the next most senior President, the least senior President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Equipment Manager.

Section 3 Nominations and Election

  1. Officers may be nominated at the regular meeting in August either by the Nominating Committee or from the floor. Any Manager, Coach, Board Member, Parent or Umpire connected with the Organization shall be eligible for office.
  2. The term of office shall be one year, from October to September.
  3. Election of Officers shall be at the Annual meeting in September and shall be by secret ballot unless the office is not contested.

Section 4 Vacancies
Vacancies occurring in any office other than Commissioner shall be filled by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 1 Nominating Committee
A Nominating Committee consisting of one representative from each league shall be appointed by the Commissioner at a meeting in July for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers for the next year at the August meeting.

Section 2 Other Committees
The Commissioner may appoint other committees to assist in the operation of the Organization as needed.

Section 1 Membership
Membership of the Board of Directors shall be limited to the Officers of the Organization plus the immediate Past Commissioner provided he is still a member of the Organization.

Section 2 Meetings
Meetings of the Board shall be held at least once a month at a time and place designated by the Commissioner.

Section 3 Powers
The Board of Directors shall have the power to approve applicants for the position of Manager or Coach, to remove a Manager or Coach for cause, to approve all expenditures and the purchase of uniforms and equipment, to set fees, to approve all special rules in each league, and to make final determinations in disputes over rules of play. The Board shall be responsible for assigning Managers, Coaches and players to leagues and teams as appropriate.
All major decisions affecting the structure, major new financial obligations, or new programs of the Shedd Park Baseball Organization must be ratified by the membership on the basis of one vote per team in the Organization. This does not include regular on-going operational decisions made by the Board of Directors. (Amended 9/21/88)

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members attending any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present, provided the amendment or the substance thereof has been presented to the membership either at a previous meeting or in writing at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting at which a vote is taken.

Responsible to: The Board of Directors
Responsible for:

  1. Managing the baseball team assigned according to the rules and regulations of the League and the Shedd Park Baseball Organization;
  2. Practicing with the youngsters on the team and teaching them the proper way to play the game;
  3. Maintaining order within the team during practices and games, and ensuring that the younger players get home safely after practices or games.
  4. Setting a good example both on and off the field;
  5. Keeping a roster of all players on the team and contacting them about events, schedule changes, and fund raising activities;
  6. The distribution and collection of uniforms and equipment assigned to the team;
  7. Keeping records and collecting money in regard to fund raising events sponsored by the Organization.

Responsible to: Team Manager
Responsible for:

  1. Assisting the Manager to teach, advise, maintain order among, and practice with the players on the assigned team;
  2. Setting a good example both on and off the field;
  3. Assisting the manager with regard to the administrative aspects of the team.


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